A Life Worth Examining: Roger E. Ailes (1940 ~ 2017)

Born into a world of chaos in 1940 Roger E. Ailes would continue to become a provocateur of chaos through the diffusion of information that sought to undermine and diminish the value of others.

My goals are two-fold within this brief note.  First, to bring a little perspective and balance to the apparent one-sided deployment of information being catalogued ad infinitude.  

Second, to declare to the upcoming citizens of our nation and world – or visiting worlds – that this was a human life that should be examined in its totality – as all human lives should and will be.

There has been – and will continue to be – much documented about his life and the true value it provided while amongst the living.
To hear Roger Ailes speak posthumously from previously recorded interviews about his [integrity] and the descriptions he uses and how those sentiments are now ascribed to him by journalist today – motivates me to write this.
As a man who seeks to adopt, accept and acclaim the virtues of a orthodox Christian world-view, I chose to submit and filter my musings to you through a lens of Christocentric Love.
Therefore when viewed thru our Holy Scriptures, these words used to defend, declare or deflect the drippings of Mr. Ailes are quite incompatible with his more consistently examined behavior, decisions, and ultimately his infamous legacy.
– A legacy currently denounced by those (in immense numbers and closeness of proximity)  whom he lorded his influence and leverage over.  

He record will depicts a man who was corrupted of heart, a false prophet of the last 30yrs whose misogynistic, and race-baiting strategies were lauded as a means to build wealth at the expense of ethical business practices.  

Today they are not going unpunished nor quietly ridiculed. 
In spite of the entourage of sycophants who abdicated their morality for a buck.  Now seeking to influence history with a narrative like unto those who currently deny the Holocaust enacted by Nazi Germany ever occurred (circa 1941-1945). 
His business philosophy was cloaked in a shimmering veil of consumer driven Christianity – stoking flames of dissension amongst different religious groups, the poor, people of color, the communities of science and theology and people of different gender orientations.  

Promoted as the voice of the marginalized – though in fact – his agenda was a pacifier for those suffering with memories and withdrawal symptoms of nostalgia.

Like the ficticious newspaper magnet Charles Foster Kane, Ailes’ presence resulted in more distrust, anger and fear. 

I want my sons and daughters to learn what this man’s profile truly portrayed – as a sign of caution to steer clear of. To guard their hearts from. So that their lives may not leave such a trail leading to shame, regret and multiple hurtful experience’s for others.  

My hope is that as they examine lives such as his, they will discover the failings and futility of greed and power. That they will learn the greater value of a life lived towards the God of Love; for God and others. 
Even sacrificially when called upon. 
These are my words. And these are my sentiments. 
My Lord promises He will have His own perspective and final judgement. 
Therefore I repeat once more and often – that yes, #thereisgrace4him2

May the Lord have mercy upon his soul. 
A. David Griffin

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