The Self-Correcting Church (audio)

Has your body ever experienced a purging?  That traumatic event where your body has to evacuate a foreign substance or biological entity because it threatens your overall health and well being?  Stomach viruses are good examples of what might cause your body to have a cathartic [cleansing] reaction.

Speaking of purging and cleansing…

Too often, pastors and people try to prevent what is commonly referred to as the “Back-door” effect on membership.  This is explained as the result of people joining and then leaving a church after a brief stint without ever actually becoming discipled.

Churches believe that finding creative methods of engagement will help in preventing people from abandoning their congregations.  Sometimes these efforts are necessary and effective with well-invested measures that promote healthy relationships having been created.

At other times – more than naught – these efforts only seem to create more stress as members become disillusioned by the stream of ‘just’ recognizable faces that disappear out the mythical ‘back-door’.  It can cause some to question the leadership; others their own effectiveness at discipling – and perhaps even worse than all – a deep sense of apathy which translates into their worship and dependency upon the Lord of Hosts and Head of the Church, Jesus Christ.

This message is birthed out of an exposition of Acts 5:1-16.  It is a moment in the life and relations of a Church plant in its infancy.  Peter is the pastor.  Holy Spirit is the door.

Be blessed and encouraged.

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