Get Woke!



The 1999 blockbuster movie “The Matrix” opened our eyes to a world that exists in our sleep.  A world where humans were harvested as nothing more than mere batteries for futuristic machines to use as power sources. A world where humans remained in a state of hibernation – literally sleeping their lives away – oblivious to the realities of a world of violence and human slavery.  Neo, the protagonist and hero of the movie, is awaken from his nocturnal life of perpetual sleep when he chooses to “get woke‘”

Pastor Griffin presents us with the same choice Neo was given.  He compels you and I to choose to live our lives with ‘eyes wide open‘.  He teaches us how this choice began on the celebrated Day of Pentecost, with the Promise of Holy Spirit’s arrival and consequential abiding presence in the lives of the men and women who were disenchanted with the duplicity of the “royal consciousness“.  The world of constant betrayal and oppression.

Pastor Griffin helps us to see how this new awakening in Christ is the key (or pill in Neo’s case) that we must choose if we are ever to become liberated from the false realities of deceit we have all been born into.  Such forces the Bible calls principalities, powers, rulers in heavenly places, in darkness…Satan.

In the second installment of Dangerous Dreamers Create Divine Destiny’s we join Èlim as Pastor Griffin compels you to “Get Woke!”

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