Raising Teenagers: An-‘Other’ Perspective


Often when introducing our children to people, especially parents of older children, we often hear this – apparently prophetic – declaration: “You just wait until she/he becomes a teenager!”  And invariably my wife will always quietly say to me later, “That doesn’t have to be our children’s story.”   Well, with three teenage children I find Kay hasn’t lied yet! 

So, what is it we put in the Kool-aid to allow us to have three of the most wonderful children on planet earth – present company excluded of course?  Not that they were perfect by any standard.  Sometimes they did receive appropriate corporal punishment. 

In full disclosure it was only the grace of God, as we strove to love them rather than punish them. Well, she did anyway.  I was a by-stander following her lead – praise God!

In this recent message,  I share the deeper understanding of how the power of grace is paramount in raising teenagers.  I explain how this “One-way love” actually works and how it is the clearest revelation of Christ’ love that a parent can invest into their children. I take my time – as you should – to expositionally examine Luke 15:11-24 – the parable of the Prodigal Son.  


I explore the underlying forces that many parents do not realize are occurring in their relationships with their children.  These insights will challenge you to be a more invested, loving and gracious as a parent; while also helping you to remain focused upon the future outcome of your family’s relationship’s with one another as they grow into adulthood.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.  If you have not partnered with us, please consider partnering with us.  Go to Èlim Christian Fellowship Church ~ Orangeburg  We are a non-denominational, transparent ministry that is a fully supported by private support and donors. We are a non-profit, 100% charitable organization so all of your contributions are tax-deductible.   Thank you remember,Get Excited about Jesus ~ He’s Excited about You!”

God’s peace and journey well!

ΑΩ ~ Reverend A. David Griffin, M.Div.

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