Contemplating Racial Dissonance

Today we recognized the 1st Anniversary of the massacre of 9 Black Christian parishioners of the Mother Emmanuel A.M.E. Church of Charleston, South Carolina as they gathered for a weekly Bible Study.

As such, I am compelled to share a moment with you from my morning meditation this past week.  I invite you to join me as I contemplate the racial dissonance that continues to exist in our community.  IMG_0350.jpg


Yes, the Confederate Battle Flag has been removed from auspiciously flying over the State House,  and the NCAA have removed its ban against the state but have the core issues which cultivated the evil in a young man’s heart, fueled by ideologues and hate been addressed?  How is the Church, the place which the Bible calls the “Pillar of truth” negotiating the inherent sin of racism; especially within the White church?


I invite you to listen for a few moments as I contemplate what many experience as they sit in such churches every Sunday morning – Racial Dissonance.

My prayer is that we may move from overt sorrowfulness to acts of repentance that yield fruit of reconciliation and social redemption.

God’s peace, mercy and grace guide you tonight – of all nights.

ΑΩ ~ Reverend A. David Griffin, M.Div., Pastor

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