Pentecost Sunday: The Power of God Within Us

Broken chains

Do you ever wonder why other’s seem to be living such deliberate and prosperous lives for Christ, while you feel as though your spiritual growth is stagnant?  

You believe in Jesus Christ, but you are honest enough with yourself to admit that the only satisfaction you seem to get from that is a plausible hope in ‘heaven’ after you die.

You secretly scan for visuals of pornography, gossip, cheat, in other words, serve many other gods.  So you try to be as good as you can be.  Often though, realizing at the end of the day how empty and hopeless you feel most of the time.  

The great news is that Holy Spirit desires to equip ever believer in Christ with the same sense of abundance and joy.  I know He does, because He did it for me!


But it doesn’t simply ‘happen’.  Well, then again, it kinda does.  The truth is, God is responsible for making it happen, we have to allow Him the access into our hearts to enable Him to do it.  God established a process.  One entailing repentance, humility, sanctification and yes, some levels of sacrifice.  

Then the Lord provides a fresh re-filling and re-newal of Holy Spirit.

In this installment, I share how the origins of Pentecost impacted the early Christian church and how those same implications have monumental meaning for us today.  I believe wholeheartedly (and the Bible agrees with me) that what it means to be “saved” isn’t an abstract, ethereal event in your religious life, but rather it represents a way to walk with hope, love and a supernatural power that God provides for all believers in Jesus Christ, His SON.  

God made a promise, Jesus brought the message and Holy Spirit fulfilled that promise on the 50th day after the Jewish Feast of First Fruits – what the Christian Church celebrates today as Easter Sunday Morning.  

I invite you to listen along and ‘taste and see’ for yourself just how wonderful and captivating the power of God – within you – can be.  

And please visit our link here Èlim Christian Fellowship Campus & Children’s Home to assist us in reaching our goal to provide a Christian oriented environment for learning and worship.  Your donations are tax-deductible as we are a religious organization: a church.  Our three phase project is a great walk of faith, resiliency and love.  Join us as we continue to serve Christ as a Family-On-Mission.  Oh yes,  we’d love to hear how our messages are being received by you, our greatest supporters.  

God’s peace and journey well!

ΑΩ ~ A. David Griffin, M.Div.


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