The Purpose of a Mother’s Love

Mother holding baby boy

“Parents, God did not intend for you to fall for the trap of second-guessing yourself, or focusing upon your inadequacies and recent failings. These types of thoughts and feelings only lead to self-condemnation and depression.”

This past Mother’s Day, I shared how the unique Love of a mother can reveal the deep dimensions of God’s Love for His children.  Whether you’re a mother or father, these powerful truths will help you.  As we continue as a Family-ON-Mission, it is clear to me that parents are struggling as never before – for various reasons.    I am convinced that God has a Word of HOPE and DIRECTION for those who would humble their hearts and seek His counsel.     God doesn’t want you to parent from that place – rather He desires you parent and love yourself and family from a place of renewed confidence in who you are as a parent and spouse, rooted and grounded in the Truth of His Son, Jesus Christ.”

Listen along, as Pastor Griffin encourages the Èlim family as they celebrate Mother’s Day 2016 in God’s Word.

“GOD has a word of Hope and assuredness that once you take hold of, we promise, your life will change for the better.”


Mothers Even right when wrong

In spite of living in what many call the “Bible Belt” of the South, so many children and adults are  living lives without a true understanding of God’s grace, redemption and the restoration that’s available through Jesus Christ.  Therefore we also invite you to take a moment and visit our new link so we can share with you our vision for reaching families in our city of Orangeburg, SC.

It is our mission to address these issues by establishing Orangeburg’s very first Children’s Home.  It is a Three Phase project and we’d really appreciate you sharing in the joy that only comes through participating in the process and mandate of Jesus Christ; to make disciples of all people (Matthew 28:19-20).

And remember, all donations are recognized as Charitable Donations by the IRS as we are a organized religious organization – a Church.

As our ministry has been a blessing to you, please support us by making a regular monthly donation today.  Remember, you may not be able to go where we are sent, but you may surely share in the reward of our going with us through your financial partnering and prayers.

…Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

ΑΩ ~ Reverend A. David Griffin, M.Div.


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