Faith for New Horizons’: Audio

As you aspire to reach new horizons in your life – or at least you should be – you will certainly face a multitude of challenges, obstacles and disappointments.  So, how do you persevere?  How do you draw from a well that sometimes seems empty to press forward in spite of those challenges?

Join Pastor Griffin and the Èlim Christain Fellowship Church ~ Orangeburg as they worship in the preaching moment to gain from Paul’s encouragement to Titus to have “Faith for New Horizons.”
God’s peace and journey well;

For your listening pleasure I’ve released today’s message along with a written ad hoc script for those who prefer to simply read the highlights.

Bonus Treat: Listen to the end to share in communion with us if you’d like.



One thought on “Faith for New Horizons’: Audio

  1. This is such an important question for so many of us: How do you know when to have faith? And once you have it, what behaviors help you sustain it? And then when we have a vision, it’s all too easy to fall into judging others for not sharing our vision. But “You were jacked up too, just like those people…don’t think you’re better than them. You too were a hater of other people, and even a hater of yourself!” I feel like when we remember that, our vision is grounded. Gotta love how you integrated the Pythagorean theorem and the etymology of epiphany too!

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