I am a pastor who has been sent to Orangeburg, South Carolina to plant missional  churches. I previously worked in the public school system where I had the privilege to serve children and become further embedded in the culture of Orangeburg, SC.

I’m married to Kay V. Griffin and we have a spectacular family; Kayla Grace, Caleb, Kiera, and Balto.  I hope you’ll join us frequently as I share the thoughts, sermonette’s and stories which will continue to shape our time here as a Family-on-Mission for Jesus Christ.

I’m also excited to offer you my first major book; which is available at PayPal.me/cultivateingfaith;  for those who are deeply intrigued and concerned with the future presence of the Christian Church in America.  “Cultivating Faithfulness: Accepting An Invitation of Jesus Christ to Plant Missional Churches in Post-Christendom America”  is also available thru online distributors such as Amazon.  I hope to personally promote the book as well, which would allow me time to discuss it’s premise with you.  So if I’m in a town near you, please check me out.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

God’s peace and journey well;

ΑΩ – A. David Griffin, M.Div.



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